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Dear Hawk pupils,

I am so excited to be writing to you as your new class teacher! This year will certainly be one to remember for all of us!

In Hawk class we have Miss Bullock and myself to help and guide you.

In Year 4; we have 6 main topics of interest to study: - In the Autumn term we’ll explore ‘Traders & Raiders’ focusing on the Vikings. After Vikings, we’ll head further back in time to the Romans and see what we can learn about the world around us from them!

Spring term will take us to the USA with stories and ideas from the various tribes of the Native Americans.  Before Easter, we’ll study the fascinating and crucial year of 1066 and the great stories of that traumatic year and how it still affects the country in which we live.

Finally, Summer takes us through the ‘Misty Mountain, Winding River’ topic for a good dose of Geography and land exploration. Thereafter and to end with, the ‘Blue Abyss’ investigates the wonderful and mysterious oceans and seas of our planet and the creatures which live there.  I’m certain the year will whizz by as we have so much to learn about and to practice!

So, are you ready and willing to ask questions, follow instructions, use the advice you’ll be given and to do your very best to practice your skills each week! Here’s to the year ahead!