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Y4 Hawk Class Welcome Letter


Dear Hawk pupils,


I am so excited to be writing to you as your new class teacher! We have all been working really hard in school to make sure that your new September start will be a happy and productive transition into and then through Year 4!


So, a little bit about our Year 4 class this year; In our class there will be Miss Bullock, Miss Honeywell and myself to help and guide you. Some of you will also see other staff using the conservatory for Y5/6 pupils in the morning. In this letter, we also thought it might be quite nice for you to know a little bit more about us too!


Interesting facts about your new Teacher; · Mr Simkins loves his history – mostly military (battles and wars) but if you get me discussing anything from the past, we could be there for a while! You’ve be warned! :P · I hope you like your sports and being active too! – I love a good physical challenge; I’ve loved cycling in the Alps in the past amongst many mad adventures · I love reading (mostly but not surprisingly history stuff!) and my favourite children’s book is Alice in Wonderland!  I really hope you love reading too!! It’s the most amazing thing you will ever do! J


All of the Y4 adults are really looking forward to helping you too. In the Year 4 class next door to us, Mr. Panter who will be guiding his class. You will have the support of many adults throughout the upcoming year and they will all be there to look after you and importantly, to make sure you are all safe and happy. We cannot wait to hear all about you, your interests and hobbies, your hopes and your thoughts and to see how far you progress over the upcoming year!


Now, a little bit about our lessons and learning in Year 4; Our main topics of interest to study: - In the Autumn term we’ll explore ‘Traders & Raiders’ focusing on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Spring term will take us to the USA with stories and ideas from the various tribes of the Native Americans. Finally, Summer takes us through the ‘Misty Mountain, Winding River’ topic for a good dose of Geography and land/sea exploration. Thereafter and to end with, the ‘Blue Abyss’ investigates the wonderful and mysterious oceans and seas of our planet and the creatures which live there.  I’m certain the year will whizz by as we have so much to learn about and to practice!


I really hope this letter helps you to remember that we are all aiming towards a fun and successful year! All of the adults are here to make sure you have the best year that you possibly can and we’ll do everything to look after you! So please do NOT worry! Together, we are going to make a fantastic team!  Just make sure you are ready and willing to ask questions, follow instructions, use the advice you’ll be given, do your very best to practice your skills and to impress each week! I really want you to be a big success! J


Welcome to Year 4! 


Mr. Simkins & Miss Bullock


Hawk Class