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Community Hub

The Hub's Objectives

  • To recognise and appreciate the values of the local community and allow for this in the support we offer and the judgements/decisions we make.
  • To support parents/carers and pupils during their time at Glebefields to encourage a positive experience at all stages.
  • To offer advise and guidance when needed and to communicate the positive ethos of our school that ‘All Our Children Shine’.
  • To support the relationship between home and school and demonstrate the importance of parental involvement in their children’s development.
  • To help to remove barriers to learning using a ‘person centred approach’ in a non judgemental and empathetic manner to encourage our learners to be the best they can be. Supporting both child and family.
  • To promote healthy relationships and respect amongst parents/carers and pupils, for both each other and for staff.
  • To encourage the referral of concerns from class based staff, lunchtime supervisors and parents/carers.
  • To value of the personal achievements of our children.
  • Identifying the early signs of disengagement and when help/support is required.


The Hubs Priorities

  • Promoting the value of education and 100% attendance, by offering solutions/strategies to parents/carers to assist in the removal of these generation old values.
  • Raising the aspirations of our learners and their parents/carers.   
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding; all relevant information is gathered and recorded, kept up to date and accurate, with any disclosures reported to the relevant agencies using the relevant systems and then to Mrs Jenks immediately for assessment.


The Hubs Activities

Triple A Service (Ask Anything Anytime) - We aim to listen, support and offer solutions

To enhance and promote happy and healthy relationships within families.

Raising aspirations of our learners by providing professional visits and workshops.

Course signposting.

Community Drop-Ins providing easy access to the School Nurse and Police to address concerns and encourage positive relationships with these agencies.

Daily ‘Meet and Greet’ to welcome both adults and children onto site to promote a positive start to our learners day.

Home Visits.

Liaising with Social Care and attend all relevant meetings and provide up to date reports for cases.

Relevant information sharing between the Community Hub, our parents/carers, learners, staff and governors


Community Hub Roles

The Parent Support Advisor role works in partnership with the Safeguarding Advisor role to support and manage the Community Hub. Both roles have direct responsibility to the Head Teacher.

We ensure that all documents and procedures are followed and kept accurately. We work together for the benefit of our children and their families. We work alongside staff in school and outside agencies. Chris has an open door policy, where everyone is made to feel welcome.

We are there for advice and support; we aim to smile at all times!


Parent Support Advisor: Mrs Chris Wyer

My role here at Glebefields is to support families. To:

Work in partnership with parents/carers and their children. 

Develop relationships and trust, to overcome any barriers and build self-esteem.

Care for the well-being of all children and parents/ carers.

Work with parents who have vulnerable and complex needs.

Be approachable and have empathy in a range of circumstances.

Work with the school staff in identifying those children who need support.

Have knowledge of any issues affecting families and their children.

Have the experience multi- agency working and the knowledge of Early Help and Safeguarding issues. Provide Adult Education and Family learning.

Facilitate after school clubs.


Chris also:

  • Completes joint home visits with the Safeguarding Advisor, Attendance Advisor and Mentors. 
  • Welcomes Parents/Carers and children at the gate every morning, answering any problems or questions they have.
  • Supports meetings for Parents/Carers.
  • Helps to improve attendance and punctuality by supporting parents and assisting on home visits with the school's Attendance Support Advisor, Mrs Moustapha. 


DDSL: Miss Edwards

My day to day role in school is to ensure that all of our children are growing up with safe and effective care, are healthy and are not mistreated or at risk of this.

Alongside our Parent Support Advisor, I work directly with our children and their families who are in need of additional services and support. We do this in order to promote, strengthen and develop family life to prevent our children suffering from or being at risk of harm or abuse.

I commission and work with agencies including Children's Social Care, Housing, School Health, Health Visitors, Children Centres and Police to formulate and carry out planned support packages to enable families to become happier, healthier and better able to cope.

I also carry out ‘Wishes and Feelings’ work with our children in order for me to advocate for them in meetings, representing ‘their voice’ to ensure that their feelings are known and acted upon.

In addition, I help to support our children's safety by inviting providers into school to raise awareness of important issues such as drugs and alcohol, grooming, radicalisation, anti-social behaviour, healthy relationships and e-safety. 

Children and their families can access my help and support as soon as problems or worries arise and benefit from ongoing support when under support plans like Early Help or Child Protection Plans.

If you feel I can be of help please come and see me. I can offer advice and guidance and make referrals for support either via Early Help or via Children's Social Care in line with schools Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (please see policies section).