Dear Parents / Carers,

 Thank you for your continued support last half term, it was definitely a long one! I hope you all had a good half term and are ready for a new half term.  This half term is also extremely busy in the lead up to Christmas so please keep a look out for key dates and events over the coming weeks. Where possible we will send additional reminders via letter, Dojo or text message.

Children in Need

On Friday 15th November 2019, we will be fundraising for Children In Need. All pupils are invited to come to school in Pyjamas for small donation of £1.

Dinner Money

If your child is staying school dinners, could we kindly ask that these are paid for weekly.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to everyone who attended the Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 27th September. We were very grateful for all of your donations and due to your overwhelming generosity we raised a whopping £650.


Classroom doors open at 8:45 and the register is saved at 9:05.  Children arriving at school between 9:05 and 9:25 will receive a ‘late’ mark.  Anyone arriving later will be marked as unauthorised.  Lateness greatly affects a child’s learning as main lessons start promtly when the register is closed.

Holidays in School Time

We kindly ask you not to take holidays during term time as this has a negative impact on your child’s learning and attendance.  Holidays will not be authorised by school, and the local authority will issue a fine to parents who do so.


Our attendance policy can be found on the school website for further information.


Before half term we wrote to you explaining how the behaviour policy and procedures would be changing this half term. The full behaviour policy outlining the procedures, including rewards and sanctions can be found on the school website.


A lot of trips have taken place this half term which have had a positive impact on learning back in the classroom. We have many upcoming trips too. Where possible, we do try to give you advance notice of the trips in order to make payments easier, although this isn’t always possible. Unfortunately, once the deadline for the final payment has passed we can no longer add any other children to the trip. This is due to us having to submit paperwork to the Local Authority, which includes pupils names and details, prior to the trip taking place. Once this has been submitted to the LA, no more children can be added.


To ensure the safety of all of our pupils and their families we ask that you drive and park considerately outside of the school. We ask that you do not pull onto the staff carpark, even to drop your child off for breakfast club, as this can cause congestion and puts pupils and parents walking across the carpark to enter school at risk.

Bikes and Scooters

Please ensure that your child dismounts their bike or scooter before entering the school gates, to ensure their safety and the safety of others using the walkways.

Anti-Bullying Week – 11th November 2019

The pupils are encouraged to come to school in odd socks on Tuesday 12th November as it is Odd Socks Day which celebrates what makes us all unique.

General Election

School will be closed to pupils on Thursday 12th December due to the General Election taking place. School will become a polling station for the day.  

Data Colletion Sheets

Thank you for returning the data collection sheets at the start of this school year. We have received the majority of these back now and will be chasing up these remaining few. Please remember to inform us, should there be any changes to your details or other contacts as it is important we keep this information up to date. Similarly if you ever wish to change your preferences regarding photo consent in school please notify us.


During this half term we are going to trial closing the gates to the carpark between 8:30am and 9:15am and 3pm and 3:45pm in order to ensure that cars and pedestrians are not sharing the same path. This is to keep you and your children as safe as possible once on site.  We hope that this will encourage more of you to use the designated footpaths.


Autumn Events

Thursday 7th November

Fire Fighters visiting Reception classes

Friday 8th November

Bikeability  - Years 5 and 6

Tuesday 12th November

Odd Socks for Anti-bullying

Wednesday 13th November

Parents evening

Thursday 14th November

9am – Edgmond Hall Meeting

Friday 15th November

Bikeability – Years 5 and 6

Friday 15th November

Children in Need

Tuesday 19th November

Years 6 safeguarding day

Wednesday 20th November

Phonics meeting for Reception Parents – 2:15pm

Monday 2nd December

Years 3 and 4 Trip to Dudley Canal Trust

Tuesday 3rd December

Reception Christmas plays morning and afternoon

Wednesday 4th December

Nursery Christmas plays

Friday 6th December

Early Years Trip to West Midlands Safari Park

Tuesday 10th December

KS1 Christmas Performance pm

Wednesday 11th December

KS1 Christmas Performance am

Wednesday 11th December

Rock School Concert pm

Thursday 12th December         

School closed for General Election

Friday 13th December                 

After school clubs finish

6-8pm – Reading Reward

Wednesday 18th December

Christmas dinner

Christmas Jumper day

Party afternoon

Thursday 19th December

Church visit (2pm)

Friday 20th December

OSCAR assemblies           Y1/2/3 - 9:05am     

                                            Y4/5/6 - 2:45pm               

Break-up for Christmas holidays


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