Year 3

Mrs Crumpton      Mrs Morgan      Mr Panter     Mrs Bate     Mr Mellor

Here in Year 3 we aim to make the transition from Key Stage 1 as smooth as possible by ensuring all our children enjoy each day and feel safe and supported. They will enjoy a learning experience which will help them to practice their skills and get excited about learning new things. We aim to give all pupils the confidence to become independent and instill a love of learning for all subject areas.

We are a friendly, approachable bunch, who are always willing to help. Come and say hello! 


In our Inspirational Learning, we have travelled back in time to the Victorian Era, and what a fantastic experience it has been!  We have loved finding out about what life was like then and comparing it to now, and for most of us, one of the best parts was our visit to the Black Country Museum, where we got to experience how different life was!


Black Country MuseumWe took part in a Victorian School Lesson at the Black Country Museum.  It was very interesting, and rather different to school life now!

If you would like to find out more about our Autumn Learning Journey, click on the link below!

Victorians Cross Curricular Links