In September 2014 the new National Curriculum came into force. 

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New National Curriculum

We follow 'Read Write Inc' programme for teaching phonics.

At Glebefields Primary School we believe that the Curriculum is a whole learning experience offered and celebrated by the school. We aim to teach our children how to grow into independent learners, who can also work and co-operate with others, while developing their knowledge and skills. We aim to build a seamless learning journey from Nursery through to Year 6 where children acquire, build and embed skills and knowledge.

This is achieved through learning journeys (Irresistible Learning) which we know will engage the children and which are supported and often led by fiction and non-fiction texts. This approach provides children with opportunities to develop deeper understanding of historical, scientific and geographical contexts as the texts explored allow children to see the world through the eyes of different characters or real-life people.  The school’s Irresistible Learning approach to the curriculum makes meaningful links between different subjects and encourages the practice of basic skills in English. Developing and using the skills they have acquired in English lessons is a high priority and teachers monitor this aspect closely, working with the children, individually when necessary, to ensure that these acquired skills are used independently and automatically.

The school utilises the appropriate documentation, including the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage documentation, to ensure learning matches national requirements. Children are at the heart of the learning journeys and we involve them in the planning and direction the ‘journey’ takes. We use their questions to inform and drive the learning in the activities. When exploring these activities, children challenge themselves with the outcomes they feel confident to achieve.

Integrated into the academic curriculum, we are also concerned to develop each child’s personal development, especially promoting positive behaviour and relationships. This is addressed through SMSC, working in groups, developing leadership roles and making children aware of their responsibilities as a member of our school and their wider community. We are keen to develop resilience in both their personal and academic achievements and development.

Parents are kept informed about the units of work for numeracy and literacy and current learning journeys, they are encouraged to support their child’s learning through homework and celebration of achievements their child has made. Each term children are selected for our OSCAR awards where we recognise achievements in Maths, Reading, Writing, Art, PE, Music, Citizenship and Team Work.  Each week Key Stages hold praise assemblies where staff identify a child who is rewarded as the class’s ‘Star of the Week’.  This choice is based on academic and social achievements. Teachers also use ‘Class Dojo’ to award children points for showing positive learning behaviours and promoting our school values, parents can access this and can therefore be kept informed of their child’s use of positive behaviours.

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Irresistible Learning 2017 - Curriculum Overview

Please click on each learning Journey to find out how this links to the National Curriculum expectations for each subject.

Year Groups

Cycle One

Cycle Two









The Land of Rhymes and Tales

The Secret Garden and Creepy Crawlie Creatures

We’re Going on  a Bear Hunt

Splish, Splash, Splosh

On the Move

KS1 (Y1 & 2)

Tales from Africa

Ice Worlds

Flying High

Into the Woods

Yum! Yum!

Beside the Seaside

LKS2 (Y3 & 4)


Storms and Shipwrecks

Tales of the River Bank

Land of the Dinosaurs



UKS2 (Y5 & 6)

Myths and Legends

Y5:  Space Cadets


Welcome to the Jungle



Jewels of the East

 Creative Curriculum, in place until Jan 2017

                      AUTUMN                             SPRING                                                       SUMMER

Early Years


All About Me


Going Places

Sand and Water




Family and Friends


Houses and Homes

Plants and Flowers

Mini Beasts


Year 1

Who am I?

It's Story Time

What's It made Of?
People of the Past

Earth - Our Home

Hooray! let's Go On Holiday

 Year 2

Super Humans

It's Story Time

The Circus is Coming to Town
Night and day

Green Fingers

From A to B


Years 3


Footprints from the Past
Feel the Force

Let's Plant It

Active Planet

Years 4

Temples Tombs and Treasures
Bright Sparks


Shake It

Do You Live Around Here?
Turn It Up

Years 5 Mission To Mars
Roots Shoots and Fruits

The Great, The Bold and The Brave
Bake It

Fit For Life

What a Wonderful World

Years 6 Forensics

World War Two
World War Two