Please help the school by calling in and leaving a message every morning your child isn’t in school, giving the reason for absence.

Overall Attendance
As of 31st March 2017 the schools attendance is 96%

The leader board for the half-term attendance award so far is:
          • Owl
          • Raleigh
          • Scott
Well done guys, Keep it up!!

Half-Term Attendance Award

Each child can earn 2 dojo points everyday:

Children will lose a point for being late, if your child has any medical appointments please ensure a copy of the letter is brought in to ensure they still earn a dojo point.

The winning class will win a fun afternoon in school!!!

Weekly Attendance

The Early Years Class that wins the weekly attendance gets to look after the ‘Be Here Bunny’.

The winning class for KS1 & KS2 receive a trophy.  If a class has 100% Attendance every child receives a 100% Attendance Certificate.

100% Attendance Awards

There is now a Bronze, Silver & Gold Award for all children with 100% Attendance throughout the whole year, children with 100% have already received the Bronze Award and those that still have 100% will be receiving their Silver Award on Friday 7th April.  The children who gain all 3 awards will receive a special treat at the end of the year.