PE and Sports premium

This has been introduced from 2013/14 with the first payment not arriving until the Autumn Term.

Glebefields has an allocation of £8985 this year with further payments over the next 2 years. The money must be spent on providing sustainable sport provision and can be used to train staff or provide equipment.

In this first year we have used the money to

  • equip the school to ensure that we can deliver high quality lessons.
  • provide training and support for the PE co-ordinator
  • purchase a new scheme of work
  • improve the range of large and small equipment on the playground to encourage active play
  • provide training for teaching staff

Useful information:

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2013 -14

 PE Policy

 Healthy Active Lifestyles.

 PE Curriculum Map

 Sports Premium plan 

 Sports premium spend

2014 - 15  

 Sports premium spend

 PE Quality Outcomes

2015 - 16  

 Sports premium spend

 Action plan / Impact Evidence 

2016 - 17   Sports premium spend Action Plan / Impact Evidence

 Case Study

2017 - 18


Sports premium spend    Action Plan/Impact Evidence